A top of the line model that effectively supports the learning of functions. For your advanced Math calculations

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Classpad Calculator

Main Features

  • Exam Mode
  • Beautiful 4.8-inch color display
  • 3-dimensional graphs
  • The only one with Horizontal Screen View
  • Touch- panel operation by stylus or finger
  • Powerful Applications (Graph, Stat, eActivity, Conics, Equation, Financial, Sequence, Geometry, Calculus)
  • Differential Equation Graph Application
  • Can be connected to: ClassPad, PC, Projector
Main Features
Main Functions

Main Functions

  • Computer Algebra System (CAS)
  • C2P Files - Single Image Picture Plot
  • C2B files - Multiple Images Picture Plot
Main Functions 2

Main Functions

  • Graphing Function
  • Spreadsheet Application
  • Geometric Graphing
  • Differential Equation Graph Application
  • Financial Application
  • 3D Graph Application
  • Interactive Differential Calculus

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